This is Skyler and Jeremy!

We are a team who is North Carolina Based and always willing to travel!


Meet Jeremy: 

Jeremy is the type of guy who could watch every movie on the planet, and I think that is what inspires him most. Don't let his big beard and tattoos fool you either. He is the biggest lover and best friend anyone could ever have (and has the ability to make a perfect playlist for every occasion). He loves photography (obviously) and motivates me when I've hit a wall and hate everything I'm working on. He is undoubtedly the most inspiring person I know. 


Meet Skyler:

Skyler is the type of girl who is eternally optimistic. It doesn't matter how bad something is going, or how the odds look. She is always right there, smile on her face, ready to solve the problem. Photography is her passion, and I think she is inspired most by New York. She loves the energy pumping through the city and how many creative places there are all around her. I don't know how she keeps me in the best mood even when our day is horrible, but she does.  She's my inspiration.