Diving back into it... (My Polariod project)

Diving back into it... (My Polariod project)

Last week I went to see probably one of the most powerful documentaries I've seen in a long time, if not ever.   Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid.    As a photographer it was mesmerizing, inspiring and at the same time it left me missing the nostalgia of instant film and using it.  

I didn't grow up getting the chance to play with Polaroid film or have thousands of polaroids in boxes throughout my childhood. So I didn't really get to experience instant film till about year three into being a photographer.  I picked up a 600 that I had got at either one of the local Goodwills, or on one of my many antiquing trips. (like most people who find them these days). As you can probably guess I fell in love with how the photo turned out and started shooting more and began to collect them.  I wasn't worried that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on film, so I shot it like there was no tomorrow.  How many of us wasted something that is so precious now just for the heck of it? 

I loved the idea of having  your processing and darkroom all in one.  I wouldn't have to spend hours in the dark processing to get one image, everything was at my fingertips.  I started using the color pack II cameras...  but after a while I really wanted to shoot with this (at the time) really strange polaroid an SX-70 (the star of the documentary). It was so different from anything I had. So  I started collecting different versions of Polaroid land cameras. Mostly the large roll film style and the SX-70.  I was always bummed out that you couldn't really find film for the sx-70's, it felt unfair that I wouldn't really ever get to shoot with these cameras.  I looked up on the internet and saw how you could modify your cameras to use current 600 film but it was a gamble and way too expensive for someone first starting out as a photographer and living on their own to try.  

Then finding out about the impossible project film last year and realizing that they had film for not just the 600's but also the SX-70's was pretty awesome.  I was still worried though would any from my collection still work, would I fall in love with film all over again, would it change me as a photographer, would it make me hold on to every photo like it was the last one ever?  

Last weekend I purchased my first pack of Impossible Project film for my SX-70  I'm really excited to load it and see what I can capture.  

Stayed tuned for my next update on my polaroid project