Life of a Cyclist  (1st Series)

I've been a cyclist now for 4 years and road over 7000 miles so far.  When cycling season kicks into gear I'm rarely at home. Honestly it sometimes feels like I'm living out of my bag.  So during the week I work my normal 8-5, and the second I get out of work I hop on my bike and ride for 2 hours. When the weekend hits I try to cram in as many hours as I can.  Hopefully by the end of each weekend I've put in about 100-125 miles in.  

So on that thought, wouldn't it would be interesting to take an introspective look at what its like to be a cyclist? (yes it would)

Your car is always full of used gel packs, water bottles, shoes and anything else you need.  Your room also has to be dedicated to riding when its cold outside or you just want to hop on the trainer because you're a ginger and allergic to the sun. ;) 

At the end of it you wonder was it worth it. All those miles on your butt, the money you paid to do charity rides for people that can't and all those hours you spent in the blistering sun.  Of course it was, and that's when you begin training for a bigger better season ahead.