Excursions: Pt 1 Cupcakes

Hey everyone!

Skyler and I took a vacation to NYC just last week and stayed with our good friend Emma. (Thanks Emma!)

So almost as soon as we arrived Skyler, Emma and myself headed out to Soho. As many of you don't know, Skyler forces me to watch the show DC Cupcake, and the new season has just started. Of course, they had opened a bakery in Soho.  So our first destination was searching for the tastiest cupcakes.  

It was exactly like what I expected (and saw on TV); everything covered in hot pink, everything looked delicious and way to many cupcakes to choose from.  They have about 72 different cupcake recipes and usually pick about 20 each day bake. I personally love chocolate, and they had about 5 different kinds to choose from.  I picked the Lava Fudge, and it was the best cupcake in the world.

Our next stop was looking for an Impossible place...