Hey guys!

I haven't shot film in a very long time. Which is crazy, because that was my main means of photography for a very long time. Skyler and I were having a conversation and she expressed how she enjoyed the passion I had for film when we first started dating.  So for Christmas she got me several rolls of B&W film from a company called 4 Corner Store. (A great film company, check them out!)

So needless to say i was really excited about using my Canon AE-1 again. I spent the weekend driving around the backroads with my camera and listening to Bon Iver (great music for a chill drive).  

I sent the film off to Indie Film Lab, and when it came back I was really excited how the film looked! The grain is fantastic the contrast is crisp and sharp.  I couldn't be any happier with how the film looks and can't wait to shoot more with it.