Shaving... which to pick?

Hey guys, 

So this post is a little different than my usual but trust me and stick with me here. Growing up, most little kids remember their dad putting a little brush in either a small bowl or a regular ole coffee mug and making a big soapy mess to put on their face. I remember getting to smother my face with this soapy mess and "shave" along with my father.  

When I started to grow facial hair in college (I was a later bloomer). I used my dads old electric razor and really didn't like the idea of using a regular disposable razor. Once his electric one died I had no choice to revert to the disposable (since I was a broke college student).  It was not an enjoyable experience to say the least.  I didn't get a close shave and at times it made my skin break out. It just wasn't my thing.

Then it hit me maybe there was something to that old method my dad and grandfather used when I was growing up.  I went in search of a brush and a some shaving soap; now there are a million different kinds, smells, ointments. You could spend an hour finding what you like, trust me.  I grabbed a coffee mug, threw in the soap, got my brush wet and lathered it up and started shaving.  It was the best shave I ever had; super smooth, no break outs and it lasted longer than using the foaming gel. So, if you ever get the chance try it out. You will never go back.