Monday afternoon I met up with Janelle. But first, rewind.

I had met her once before and she has such a BIG personality I knew immediately I had to photograph her. So I sent her a message on facebook, and within the hour she gave me a list of every free second she had. (SO NICE).

So Monday comes, and I show up at her house which is AMAZING, and that's an understatement. She has outfits all laid out, and of course her style is perfect. We make a plan, head out and what does Skyler do..... 

Of course I locked my keys IN MY CAR. So cool, right? 

But not to worry, Janelle had it covered and took us to some really awesome locations. 

So here is part 1 of 2. 

A little bit of her super artsy and creative house (which, let me tell you, she did most of it herself) and a little bit of her gorgeous face. 

Hope you enjoy! Keep an eye out for part two!